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Dr Jyothi Marry respects a woman’s right to choose the method of her delivery. If you wish to aim for a vaginal birth or choose to have an elective caesarean section, she will support you fully in this choice.


She will make sure you get all the information regarding the benefits and risks involved with both options to make an informed choice. Jyothi will always aim for a positive birthing experience and will work with you in making an individualised birth plan to suit your needs.


There are senior experienced midwives available to share their expertise with education regarding pregnancy, labour, child birth and breastfeeding.




            • Pre-pregnancy counselling

            • Antenatal care - High and low risk pregnancies

            • Labour and Delivery

            • Caesarean section and instrumental delivery

            • Postnatal care


Pre-Pregnancy Counseling


Prenatal service gives you an opportunity to discuss and plan a healthy and safe pregnancy.  This allows you to discuss any medical or surgical conditions you have or any previous pregnancy related problems.


Postnatal Care


Delivering the baby can be stressful and emotional.  Your body will go through various physiological changes including hormonal changes and emotional changes.  Your body will take some time to restore its pre-pregnancy health and it is critical to get that extra care for the first few weeks after the delivery of your baby.


Your obstetrician Dr Jyothi Marry will give you that special care, guidance about your personal care and also your baby’s care.



Dr Jyothi Marry is an experienced female Obstetrician and Gynecologist based in Sydney.

She currently works at Westmead, Liverpool and The Ponds.


Dr Jyothi Marry - Female OBGYN Sydney

Western Sydney Women's Health

Locations: Westmead, Liverpool, The Ponds

Sydney, Australia

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